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Vivid Memories of Hope: A Memoirists' Gathering and Writing Event

After almost two years of purely online interactions, members of the Scribblory Writers Group finally had its first face-to-face activity on August 27, 2022 in the BGC branch of Poco Deli. Aptly titled Vivid Memories of Hope: A Memoirists' Gathering and Writing Event, it was held in celebration of Scribblory’s fourth anniversary.

Attendees arrived from 2 PM onwards, and they filled out colored paper with notes of gratitude for the business and community. The program proper started with prayers and greetings initiated by foundress Elaine Marie Factor. Administrator Aiko Hara and Ria Miral led the games and writing activity, respectively.

Insights and inspiration are hallmarks of Scribblory. Thus, the event could not have been complete without Elaine’s re-telling of the inception and growth of the writing community. She spoke on the beauty of writers connecting through stories, emphasizing that this was key to Scribblory becoming more a community than simply a business.

To the enjoyment of attendees, Lewy Tumbaga also gave a spirited reading of the chapter "The Blazing Red Lipstick" from her newly published book Redeemed: How Did I Know I Was? Vergie Manligas concluded the gathering through a short speech on the writing life. She left everyone with concrete tips on how to persevere. “Number one, don’t compete with others. You are not running the same race. Number two, write now. Number three, keep going. Keep writing.”

Attendees were all smiles and laughter throughout the event; thanks to the great food, company, and activities. The joyful gathering was a gratitude marker for the four years that have passed and a hopeful commencement to the many more years that will come ahead.

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