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Writing about Your Life: A Retreat for Memoirists

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

“Come to Me all of you who are tired and heavily laden, and I will give you rest.” - Matthew 11:28

Why are you here?

This was one of the questions asked during Scribblory’s first ever writing retreat held last July 21 - 22, 2023 at the Sacro Costato Retreat House in Quezon City.

Most of the participants answered that they were tired and exhausted from life’s daily hustle with work and everything in between. It turned out that these writers went to the right place not only to rest, reflect, and write about their life, but they got so much more beyond what everyone had expected.

On the first day, as each participant arrived, the retreat house revealed its peaceful vibe, with huge trees surrounding the place and the sweet scent of flowers blooming in the air as they walked through the garden. The participants were led to their rooms, where one felt the welcoming effort placed upon the sheets of the beds. After that, everyone gathered in the conference hall for an introduction from Scribblory’s Founder and Managing Director, Elaine Marie Factor.

Every break time, the participants got the chance to mingle, laugh, and enjoy the sumptuous meals prepared. Interactive activities, fun games, and heartfelt discussions about The Art of Life Writing happened throughout the day. Writers were inspired by the invited speakers, Ms. Rosalie De Silva and Ms. Lewy Tumbaga, who talked about how God moved in their writing lives and book writing journey, igniting creativity and strengthening faith.

In those moments where each one took their time to ponder upon themselves, healing was delivered, answered-prayers were witnessed, and newfound writing revelations were gifted – reminding them of the power of faith and the beauty of life's journey. Trust and openness took place, fostering meaningful connections and a sense of love among all.

On the second and last day of the retreat, more activities and games were done, endless chats and laughter filled the dining hall, and the retreat was concluded with a prayer. And let’s not forget the group photo which would always remind them of cherished memories that they would take home with them with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to their craft.

The retreat's success was evident in the participants' renewed spirits, where they allowed God’s grace to work through them, making their stay meaningful, blessed, and encouraging. Relationships were built, and a lasting memory has taken another spot in everyone’s hearts.

As they parted ways, they carried with them the memories of laughter and shared passion for writing. The retreat had not only enriched their writing lives, but also reminded them of the importance of embracing life's pauses, for it is within those moments that we discover the true essence of our being. With pens poised and hearts open, they embraced the future, ready to continue their writing journeys, armed with the memories of a transformative retreat that would forever inspire their words.

Written by Nichelle Dizon and Aiko Gillera Hara

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