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Biography writing


Elaine Marie Factor v2.jpg
Founder & Managing Director

Elaine Marie Factor is a teacher-of-all-ages, creative writer, editor, family biographer, and Philippine-based memoir writing mentor. She finds calm in arts and gains confidence through prayer. Her world stops when she reads and listens to stories, real or unreal.

At age 24, Elaine wrote Feast Books’ Best-Selling memoir, Finding You: A Memoir on Dreams, Detours, and Destiny which became one of the finalists under Youth Category in Jaime Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards 2017. In 2018, she wrote an e-poetry collection titled Gentle Words; and in 2022, published Scribbling from Memory, a self-help/memoir that thoroughly discusses memoir as an art and form. Her articles and essays have appeared in Feast Magazine, FiSH Magazine, Angel Rising Magazine, Didache, Didache Youth, Gabay, and Yapak PH.


Elaine is a member of Biographers International Organization, and has been mentored by Wendy Dale, a Penguin Random House author and memoir writing teacher based in Peru.

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Meet the Team


Nichelle Dizon

Nini is a creative writer, digital marketer, and servant of God. Her written works have appeared in both print and online publications. She loves to connect with people in coffee
shops and is easily delighted with their stories.

Aiko Hara.jpeg

Aiko Gillera Hara

Aiks is a blogger, a registered author/writer, and a Scribblory writing tutor. She is one of the authors of the anthology Dystopia Manila and the e-book collection of short stories Pasko Na Naman published by PaperKat Books.

Ma. Corazon Bayona-Bugtong.jpg

Cory Bayona-Bugtong
Layout Artist

Cory is an ENFP who is both a thrill-seeker and a library geek.  Before she started writing for Scribblory and creating posters and magazine layout for Memento, Cory served in the Marketing and Media Ministry of The Feast. 

Guilly Tejano.jpg

Guilly Tejano
Head of Logistics

Guilly describes himself as a man on a journey who is doing his best to live life to the fullest. He is a businessman and has also been helping Scribblory on their day-to-day activities.

What Students Say

"I really loved Elaine's memoir writing class. Every soul has a story and we all share the same journey-- memoir writing captures it all."

Marjorie Duterte,

Editor, Published Author

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