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In Scribbling from Memory, Philippine-based memoir writing mentor and creative nonfiction writer Elaine Marie Factor provides a friendly, succinct, and tried-and-tested guide in understanding memoir and in artfully writing about memories. This primer’s pages gently move the reader, or any beginning memoirist, from the surface (concepts) to the deep process (actual writing) of the craft.


"Elaine's Scribbling from Memory is a big help for those who want to capture their life - or a slice of it - on paper. Her own experience as a published memoirist and a memoir-writing mentor makes this latest book of hers a commendable resource on the subject. Read this book, and let Elaine's flair for words inspire you to dig deep into your memories and start your own memoir." - Tess V. Atienza, Writer, Editor, SVP Production

Scribbling from Memory by Elaine Marie Factor - paperback

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