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Can faith be a reason to continue living after nearly dying? Would you be willing to allow God to steal your heart?


After going through difficult experiences, Bro. Bryan finds himself searching for his life’s true meaning. Looking at what he’d gone through, he noticed that there were many instances where he wondered why God allowed him to live after being placed in a situation that seemed impossible to surpass. He then later discovered that God had been leading him to finding the answer to his questions.


This book shares one story from Bryan’s life which he couldn’t let go of. It is the story that brought him to where is now. This is about how he found himself pursuing the vocation that started from childhood, challenged by the pains of being bullied, and renewed through a near-death experience, yet had always been graced by God’s outpouring love and mercy.

The Day God Stole My Heart: From Breakthrough to Break Through - eBook

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