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This heartwarming book that speaks about hope and healing comes in a collection of short stories that deal with love and loss, death and deliverance. We journey through life carrying with us the stories that we do not readily share to others, and so we live, endure and patiently go through the humdrum routine of this world. But it is in the mundane things that change often happens, for deliverance always comes to hearts who hold on to hope.


Sometimes deliverance comes through mere acceptance. Sometimes it comes through a person, a place, a circumstance, or sometimes, it comes solely through the welcoming of hope. And often, it comes, garbed not in an extravagant declaration, but in a simple and quiet realization: Begin again, dream again, live again.


These are the stars we carry in our pockets.

Stars in My Pocket and Other Stories by Julie Khristie

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