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Pen De Manila: A Writing Journal is a product of love and service of writers who aim to inspire their fellow writers to scribble their life, events, and ideas on a blank page—the once-empty space from which many book ideas came to life for the creators of this journal.


Vergie loves to write in her journal ever since she was in elementary school. Noting down her thoughts on a page sparked the idea and the dream to author books. Naysan declares her dreams in her journal. She writes down thoughts that confuse or scare her, which helps her to keep moving forward. Journaling brought her visions to life. Salie writes in her journal to revisit her past before it is forgotten. Through journaling, she came up with a book that had helped her to truly understand that life "happened to her" and realized that there are no accidents and nothing is ever wasted.


The creators hope for their fellow writers to treat Pen De Manila: A Writing Journal as their best friend, a haven for their daily goals, and a loving companion as they live their best life.


Keep going, writers. We are rooting for you. We hope that you write today and bless someone with your story tomorrow!

Pen De Manila: A Writing Journal

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