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All Frances wanted in life was a successful career. No husband, no kids, thank you very much. So when true love swept her off her feet, she thought she would breeze through marriage and motherhood just as easily. It turns out the scars of her childhood made her a reluctant and anxious wife and mother, afraid of losing herself.


In Not Invisible, Frances explores through short and poignant essays how her fears were conquered by love - the love of her husband, her three sons, and her God, and her love for them. She tells stories of romance and gives tips on how exhausted moms can make love again. She shares the wonder and wildness of babies and raising young boys. She also talks about the pain of being a motherless mother.


This inspiring memoir of her first 10 years as a mommy is a story of faith, hope, and love. It's about welcoming life's surprises and not losing sight of oneself and what matters. Most of all, it's about embracing all the love and joy that comes with family.

Not Invisible: A Memoir by Frances Amper Sales

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