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Have you ever had that time in your life when you thought that God was nowhere to be found? When you felt that all your cries for help and desperation fell to deaf ears?

"Are you there God? It’s me again," you ask.

But it seemed that there was no way that God was showing up anytime soon.

Then life happened to you—God-moments that you know He allowed because He knew your beautiful story, and it was just starting to unravel with every heartbreak, every desperation, and every slump that went along the way. And then it dawned on you that God never left you. Instead, He allowed you to go through all these trials because He wanted to mold you into the being that you are today. You realize that whoever you are today is a divinely-inspired by-product of all the tears, fears, high and lows of the journey of finding and loving yourself.

Heart Works: A journey to God’s love is a collection of short memoirs of how one woman found her way to loving herself and God in the hustle and bustle of life—from brokenness to breakthroughs, from a heart of stone to a heart won over by God’s love.

This book is for a lost soul looking for inspiration to move towards her dreams and passions. It hopes to ignite that kindred spirit within wanderers who are looking for God’s love and discovering that it has been inside them all along, that they just need to acknowledge it to see it and allow it to make a beautiful miracle in their lives.



"Reading this book feels like I walked with Maribel from her little six-year-old self, her puppy-love high school self, and her free-spirited single self. Thank you for sharing such raw and real stories. I know your stories will bless your readers because so many of us have hidden away our truth. By reading your truth, Maribel, I am reminded to keep stepping into my truth." - Edwin S. Soriano, Life Coach, Trainer, Author, and Founder of Rise Up! The 5am Club

Heart Works: A Journey to God's Love by Maribel Chan Apidos

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