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Have you ever been in situations so dark that you felt like no light would ever come to you anymore? Have you been bullied? Abused by people you trusted? Looked down by others because of life situations that were beyond your control?

I have been. If you are still there, don’t get discouraged. God is preparing you for something great.

This book is for you. Read through the pages and see how one person’s journey through difficulties made her realize her strengths and purpose as a person, as a woman, and as a child of God. See how she battled her way to greatness.

This is a story of darkness and light, struggles and victories, trials and triumphs. Some parts will disturb you. Others will frustrate you. But, it is the author’s prayer that within these pages, you will also find light, hope, joy, and faith—and ultimately, greatness—for yourself.



"Reading [this] book gives me goosebumps and full of admiration for what [Nesty] has been through. She pressed on and here she is fulling her dreams one step at a time." - Juliet "Jhet" van Ruyven, Amazon Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Dream Builders Academy 

Greatness: A Memoir on Great Trials and Great Triumphs by Nesty Loberiano-Seman

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