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Bing grew up in a devoted Catholic family in an Islamic region in the southern part of the Philippines. Jolo was a place where her childhood memories began. There, she was surrounded by neighbors of different ethnicities that lived in harmony and treated her as part of their family.

Although they lived from paycheck to paycheck, she felt loved and cared for by her grandparents, her parents, uncles, and her friends. She faced adversities and triumphs at a young age, which molded her into what she has become - a loving daughter, caring sister, and dreamer. She also witnessed miracles that transformed her life and faith forever.


This book tells a child's stories of first, failure, and faith.


"Amiable Home Town is a heartwarming, comforting, and pleasurable read. It feels like coming home to a place where you are loved. Vergie writes her memoir with the simplicity and honesty of a child, capturing what's truly beautiful and essential. It is chock-full of stories and insights, where we can see the world again through the eyes of a child. Though life has its dark parts, this child sifts through the shadows and brings out the light even in the sad experiences for us to learn from." - Marjorie Duterte, Author, Founder of MRD Publishing 


No. of Pages: 174


Publisher: MRD Publishing

Amiable Home Town by Vergie M. Manligas

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