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Getting married opens a new and exciting chapter in our lives. The goal of every woman in a wedding dress is to build a home and a family with her husband and to have a happy, healthy, and fulfilling married life.


Till death do us part.


Unfortunately, Pola almost died in her marriage—mentally and emotionally. She was completely destroyed and shattered; but no one believed her because her aggressor was good at putting on his mask in front of other people and capable of twisting things and turning tables in front of her. She suffered coercive abuse, and no one understood her. For a long time, Pola endured this as her society and culture dictate that marriage is “for better or for worse” and that married couples must fix things because they made a covenant before God. Little did she know that there is a name for what she was going through—Narcissistic Abuse. And since their culture is not very much familiar with this, she didn’t figure it out soon enough and had further subjected herself to more abuse, manipulation, and exploitation.


Pola wrote this book to share her experience and knowledge about Narcissistic Abuse, how it eventually destroyed her, and how she picked up the pieces of her broken heart and soul after she left the relationship.


This is for all the women out there who feel invalidated, confused, isolated, unheard, unseen, and discarded in their intimate relationships. Narcissistic Abuse is tricky and difficult to identify.


The author invites you to come read her story and realize that you’re not alone. A toxic relationship is not healthy for anyone. Abuse is not your reality. Our Heavenly Father will never tolerate evil behaviors, and as His daughters, every woman must honor themselves enough to leave when they are being abused.


No. of Pages: 132

Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing

A Woman's Worth: Healing Yourself from an Abusive Relationship with a Narcissist

₱510.00 Regular Price
₱255.00Sale Price
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