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Yes, You Can Be a Writer!

One of my core memories as a child is being with my family; we would celebrate Mass together, and I would serve in the parish as a choir member and have a funny dream of becoming a priest. Watching a priest give sermons in front of the altar fascinated me. But maybe, that fascination came from my inner child wanting to be heard and listened to.

Growing up, I would watch television news and documentaries even late at night. Listening to featured stories was more than a regular habit and source of entertainment for me. My interest in them felt innate, like it was a part of me, that I even considered taking up Development Communication or Communication Arts as a course in college. But things didn't turn out the way I had wanted and pictured them to be, and that made me forget my childhood dream of anything related to media communication.

In 2020, I invested in self-growth and speaking workshops especially when free webinars and affordable online training became a regular thing during the pandemic. I found myself being drawn to speaking and writing again, and my childhood dream of being in the field of communication was awakened. Later on, I became part of Scribblory Writing Group on Facebook where I met new friends who were passionate in storytelling and expressing themselves through writing articles and even publishing their own books.

All of these things and the desire to respond to the call to share my own story moved me to register in their upcoming Memoir Writing Bootcamp Batch 3 this February.

It was like I was in a state of flow when I made the decision, especially when I read the testimony of the bootcamp graduate and book author, Lewy Tumbaga, wherein she pointed out that "beautiful minds inspire others".

Her words resonated with me because I've been trying to motivate myself to write consistently for quite some time now, and I believe that being in a group of writers who find joy in writing would inspire me to keep writing and to produce a memoir by the end of the year.

I am excited as I look forward to attending the Memoir Writing Bootcamp, for I am assured that this will help me speak up with confidence and grace. I hope you can join us in this interactive writing class, for there are only a few remaining slots left! It includes the following amazing perks:

☑️ Fifty (50%) discount on Scribblory’s editing services

☑️ Free copy of Scribbling from Memory

☑️ Free writing kit

☑️ An e-certificate of completion.

Thank you and may you affirm yourself that you, too, can be a writer!

Written by Marvilor San Pedro

About the Writer:

Marvi is a podcaster and a missionary by heart who believes in the power of words to bring healing to the world. She is the founder of Marvilove, a personal blog that aims to be a vessel of hope and to bless people with prayer affirmation and inspiration through content creation.

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