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The Affair: A Collaboration Between Scribblory and Ukiyoto Publishing

Updated: Mar 15

What a great way to start 2024!

On January 7, 2024, Scribblorists finally met Ukiyoto authors at "The Affair", and it was bliss! This first collaborative event was held at the Function Hall of D' Cup Coffee Republic at Pioneer Center, Pasig City. This marks the official partnership between Scribblory and Ukiyoto Philippines.

At the back were Scribblory writing tutor Ulysses Tejano and Scribblory administrator Aiko Hara manning the registration table and the book tables for Scribblory books and Ukiyoto books. The event's photographer was Scribblory logistics head Guilly Tejano.

The program started with a self-introduction, facilitated by Scribblory's founder Elaine Marie Factor, where each participant was called to tell the group a bit about themselves and the kind of writing they do.

This was followed by a book reading by best nonfiction author Samantha Gail Lucas, who read aloud an excerpt from her book Dating with Yourself.

After this, best anthology contributor Charles Tomeldan was called onstage to read a portion of his story "The Midnight CEO" from the anthology The Billionaire Story.

Now that the 'literary atmosphere' was set, Elaine Factor went on to discuss the translation services, comic book creation, international book fairs booking, and more that Ukiyoto Publishing offered at discounted rates to the participants. The opportunity was perfect for those writers who were planning to accomplish their writing dreams (and needed help in doing so) this year at an affordable cost.

Thereafter, premium participants of the event were called onstage to receive their certificates, along with free translation services and placement at this year's international book fairs.

To excite the writers further, Elaine Factor talked about The Dream Book Project: A Graduation Program on Book Writing and Publishing where aspiring authors could get assistance throughout their book writing process, from conceptualization to publishing. The program would then end with an in-person graduation, where they'd launch and present their books to the public.

Finally, to establish more rapport among the participants, they were divvied up into four groups where they were asked to talk about the genre they're interested in, their writing projects, and their writing struggles. During the activity, the hall became filled with laughter and stories—a proof that the event was successful as new connections were made and built.

The program closed with group-photo taking. Nobody was in a hurry to leave the room. Some dilly-dallied by the restaurant's dining area, took their own photos, and chatted some more.

Overall, the event helped the writers rekindle their passion and ignite their desire to flourish and soar. There's more to come from this partnership. We're ready to write better and publish more books this 2024!

The Dream Book Project: A Graduation Program on Book Writing and Publishing will start in March 2024. Slots are limited, so sign up today!

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