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New Beginnings: A Writers’ Gathering Event

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

On January 28, 2023, Scribblory held its first face-to-face writing event of the year at Conrad Manila, Pasay City, titled New Beginnings: A Writer’s Gathering, a public gathering for writers who wish to kickstart the year with their new goals and new beginnings.

The event was presided by Elaine Marie Factor, the Founder and Managing Director of Scribblory, and started at 2 PM with a self-introduction. Attendees introduced themselves and shared about what they do and why they wanted to join the said event. Everyone was very keen on writing their stories and excited to set their goals as they move forward with enthusiasm and passion towards their writing dreams.

As for the next part of the event, attendees were tasked to write down their struggles in writing and to share the list with the person beside them. With sumptuous food and drinks, and great company, the sharing session lasted for 30 minutes to one hour.

While others finished sharing with their partners, some moved to another area to gather with their fellow writers who were writing under the same genre (specifically fiction and nonfiction), and others just to get to know everyone around—especially those whom they hadn’t met personally or had met only through online.

All smiles, the attendees assembled for the last part of the event—picture-taking. Established with good relationships, some took their ‘free-time’ for another interaction over stories and laughter—an evidence of the instant rapport that was built toward one another in just a single event.

From left to right, the attendees are Vergie Manligas, Ulysses Tejano, Jean Jao, Fayth Ong, Nichelle Dizon, Miya Nobleza, Aiko Hara, Maria De Guzman, Elaine Marie Factor, and Guilly Tejano.

The event ended after the attendees exchanged their thank-yous and see-yous, showing gratitude for having met their fellow writers through this gathering. Some have found their writing mentor and writing accountability partner, and others found a friend. Indeed, a new beginning has started with good memories to take them back, and dreams and goals to take them forward.

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