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Hot-off-the-Press: Reedemed by L. L. Tumbaga

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Have you ever felt lost, discouraged, and abandoned?

Have you ever felt so low you thought you could never rise up again?

. . . until there came a Redeemer?

We're glad to finally have on our shelf L. L. Tumbaga's first book, REDEEMED. HOW DID I KNOW I WAS? Through this collection of memoirs, Lewy showed how a woman marred by mistakes, difficulties, and sorrows can someday be lifted up from the ashes and be made beautiful and whole again by an ever-loving God.

Lewelyn "Lewy" Tumbaga is a "makatang Bulakenyo" (a poet from Bulacan) who grew up in the laid-back barrio of Paombong. She used to spend her days listening to Sarsuela's and Balagtasan on the radio from morning till night. She nurtured dreams in her heart, such that sounded too big for the barrio folk. Knowing that the world is bigger than what's within the borders of the barrio, she longed to go beyond it. She wanted to explore possibilities. She wanted a better life. However, at one point during her youth, she became a victim of a sinister 'event' that ruined her and totally changed her life.

But as they say, God writes straight with crooked lines.

"[It is] a story of hope, a story of love, a story of how God can make a ruined life worth living again," described Ed Villacorte, a lay leader, speaker, and author. "Lewy perfectly presents her life to become an inspiration to those who have lost their way and a profound lesson to those who have doubts in surrendering their life to the Author of life."

Today, Lewy works as a paralegal, mothering three young adults and two young boys. She and her husband are active members of trans-parochial prayer communities. She continues writing stories.

Published by Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc., Redeemed. How Did I Know I Was? is available in Claretian bookstores, St. Paul's bookstores, and Scribblory Book Shop.

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