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First Scribbling Hour of the Year

"New year, new you."

Everyone is taking chances on fresh starts and beginnings. We want to set new goals, learn new skills, and make time for things we are passionate about. Particularly, you might now be thinking about what you love the most—writing. But with all the hustle and bustle of adulthood, you're probably asking yourself, "How can I develop a writing habit?"

Last January 16, 2023, a new Scribbling Hour successfully kicked off. Facilitated by Naysan Albaytar, author of All the Light Around Us, the Scribbling Hour occurred via Zoom with the theme: “How to Develop a Writing Habit?” It was conducted with a fun, light, and encouraging approach, giving the participants a chance to reflect on how they can have a good writing habit amid the daily struggles of adulthood.

During the session, Naysan showed an audio-visual presentation, which taught the writers some tips on how to develop a writing habit in order to be efficient and effective in their craft, especially if they are doing it for a living. Three of the crucial tips were: (1) have a sacred place where you can peacefully write, (2) write consistently, and (3) work in a way that is naturally good for you. It was a refreshing and valuable experience for all the participants since it taught them the value of prioritizing things to develop a successful writing habit without compromising daily activities.

The group also had a chance to have a short prompt-based writing session. They were asked to choose between writing a letter to themselves which would be emailed to them after a year and writing a letter to themselves declaring themselves as certified writers.

At the last part of the session, the participants shared their writing struggles and talked about how to effectively deal with writer’s block, recognizing the times they failed to deliver their message to their readers. Naysan advised the participants to always be kind to themselves and to value their rest time. She emphasized the need to relax their minds, especially when they feel like writing is overwhelming.

The session ended with the participants having a clear mindset that writing is indeed a wonderful experience and that having this gift is one of the greatest blessings God has given them.

Scribbling Hour is a weekly event exclusively for the Scribblory Writers Group. To know more about the event and how to join our group, please feel free to reach out at See you, writers!

Written by Gerylyn Basa

About the Writer:

Gery is a freelance writer who works as the sole Content Writer / Copywriter for a famous and luxurious beauty and aesthetics clinic in the Philippines. Her works have been published in various lifestyle/fashion print and digital platforms. She dreams of becoming an author.

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