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Finding Love in Poetry

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

On a lovely afternoon of February 25, 2023, writers gathered together in an intimate two-hour online workshop organized by Scribblory titled "Rewritten: Poems about Love That Was Lost and Found."

The activity started with a cheerful greeting and heartfelt prayer led by Coach Elaine Marie Factor, founder of Scribblory. To warm up the participants, Nichelle Dizon, Scribblory's administrator, asked them to introduce themselves and to share why they love writing as well as the struggles they experience in writing poems. This was followed by a short discussion of the definition of poetry.

Everyone was blessed to learn from the main facilitator, Adette Destura, who is one of Scribblory's writing tutors, as she clearly discussed the elements of poetry and showed how they can be applied through captivating poems, which helped the attendees understand the topic well. The poets were then asked to create verses, sentences, and poems that define and describe love during the writing sessions of the event. The highlight of the activity was the read-aloud session, where the participants were asked to recite their respective poems, which captivated everyone's heart.

It has been a great day to loosen up,

Find ourselves in a place to show up.

Where new friends can be found.

And words can be profound.

The virtual event ended with an invitation to share their poems to Scribblory's website, followed by a Zoomie souvenir and a closing prayer led by yours truly. Indeed, everyone learned so much about poetry; more so, each soul has been ignited with the love for writing.

Written by Marvi San Pedro

About the Writer:

Marvi is a podcaster and a missionary by heart who believes in the power of words to bring healing to the world. She is the founder of Marvilove, a personal blog that aims to be a vessel of hope and to bless people with prayer affirmation and inspiration through content creation.

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