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A Call to Writers: My Memoir Writing Bootcamp Experience

While scrolling through Facebook, I unexpectedly came across the phrase "Call [to writers] for Submissions” in the Scribblory page. Something about those words sparked my interest. Despite my initial hesitation due to not considering myself a writer, there’s a powerful urge to give it a try. With determination, I decided to craft an article fitting their theme.

After a week of writing, I managed to finish the article, though nervousness still lingered as I hit the submit button. Much to my surprise, my piece was accepted for publication in their e-magazine, Memento. I was so happy that there’s a community that appreciates the work of a beginner like me. As I continued exploring their page, I came to know about their Memoir Writing Bootcamp and I enrolled.

In this nurturing environment, led by the inspiring Ma’am Elaine Marie Factor and supported by my fellow classmates, I found myself shedding off the feeling of not being a writer. Their encouragement and emotional support assured me that I had the potential.

Ma’am Elaine radiated a spirit of love and purpose, creating a friendly atmosphere that made the experience even more special. Her focus on our growth and progress motivated me to do whatever it took to continue in the class. As a result, I absorbed techniques and strategies to uncover the gems within our seemingly routine lives. Through consistent practice, I began to delve deeper into my thoughts.

I adore the bootcamp because it enabled me to capture the significant stories of life, stories that matter not only in my generation but for generations to come. Regardless of age or circumstances, writing serves as a pathway to self-discovery. It's a journey I'm grateful to have embarked upon, thanks to the guiding light of Ma’am Elaine and the enriching writing community.

Thanks, Scribblory.

Written by Glory Gayeta

Batch 3, Memoir Writing Bootcamp Graduate

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